Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sephora Makeup Beauty Haul

From left: MakeUpForever Aqua liquid eyeliner in 13  | BareMinerals Original Foundation in Light W15 
Soap & Glory Sexy MotherPucker Extreme- Plump in clear   Soap & Glory Heel Genius
Vera Wang Princess perfume MakeUpForever Aqua eyes in 0L  Anastasia BeverlyHills Brow Highlighter and Illuminateur  Anastasia BeverlyHills dual brow brush

Let's Sart! =)


BareMinerals Original Foundation $27

I had always loved BM for it's mineral property that does to my skin. I still have a plenty of the Matte one, but I decided I would go back to Original for it dries out parts of my skin. I already did a review of this foundation. Click HERE.

Make Up Forever

Aqualiner in 13 $23

This gorgeous dark liquid liner is a dream come true lol. I ran out so I had to repurchase it again. Everytime I would feel like having a cat-eyed look, this did a great job. I have tried different liquid liners but nothing really impressed me the way they claim to be. Doesn't smudge at all, and stays on for HOURS.  Its precision brush tip makes it easier for the liner to glide on without any mistake. You can gradually thicken the line or whatever suits your mood. :) Highly recommended!

Aquaeyes in 0L $18

Again, MUFE is the type of brand that I always look up to whenever I would need a "waterproof eyeliner, that DOESN'T SMUDGE AT ALL"- this is the one. I repurchased a new color (black) when I feel like I needed to soften the line. (Ofcourse you can't soften a liquid eyeliner duh).  They say you can use this even when you swim! It won't come off. And now, I am sooooo excited for summer! =D

Soap & Glory

Sexy MotherPucker Extreme- Plump XL  $22

By the way it sounds, I would definitely buy it! Not that it will make yours look like a Nicki Minaj lips, but it visibly make it appear 'larger' because of its shimmery-tingly effect which is normal. It claims to have collagen boosting properties that make your lips 'swell' in minutes. It smells and tastes like vanilla too!

Heel Genius $16

I had to repurchased this one again HERE.

Vera Wang

Princess Rollerball $18

This smells sooooo freaking-absolutely-definitely AMAZING! I had to repurchase this cute rollerball because I just can't get enough of it. People always compliments and ask me what perfume I wear and this is definitely the culprit. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Duo Pencil $23
Matte Camille (Highlighter on left) and Sand Shimmer (Illuminateur on right)

Highlighter is a must whenever I would feel like total make over. It brings out your best facial features. This is great for highlighting your brow bone, bridge of your nose, cupid's bow, and cheeks. One part is matte, and the one is shimmer. The color blends in nicely. I love love this one now.

Dual Brow Brush $18

I was in need of a new brow brush. This is so small making it easy to brush and comb brow hairs. 

Hope this haul review helped you a bit! =)

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