Sunday, July 3, 2011

Review: Bare Minerals - what my skin says

Before I start this post, this is my skin type: I have few freckles and underneath my eyes (which I kinda like :). I have combination/ oily skin on T-zone most of the time, can be a bit drying on some parts. I have small open pores, blackheads on my nose, and acne-prone skin occasionally.


Naturally Luminous Daily Duo  

I had been obsessed with my skin care and tried ALOT of different product brands (in facial wash, moisturizers and toners). Nothing seem to work out for me but this one actually DID - Bare Minerals. I think I found my HG :)


I went to Sephora a month ago hoping I could find the perfect facial cleanser because I had a massive breakout (in my chin, forehead and along my jaw line) and I never ever wanted to try anti-acne cleansers again because it does made my skin dry even with moisturizers. I have combination to oily skin on my T-zone, and I do tend to have dry skin sometimes. I have acne-prone skin :(. So it's kind of hard to find the perfect match for this type of skin :(. My skin suffers from different kinds of drug store and even high end products. I just wanted to have a normal skin, and to own something my skin would actually love..

I had a doubt of buying the BE trial kit but I did anyway. According to its label, the result would be visible after a month but in my case, it only took prolly a week and I was totally impressed with it!! My skin had never been so hydrated, glowy, smooth, and refreshed. My complexion had been dramatically brighter and healthier. It cleared out my pimples on my forehead. I didn't had any new brreaks out ever since few weeks of using it which Im kind of surprised really. And if I do, I barely even used my  Clean & Clear Persa-gel 10 for my pimples anymore.

What I also love about this skin care line is they DOESN'T have any -parabens, polyethylene glycol, and sulfates in it that are harmful for the skin. More information for your skin - Is Your Skin Care Dangerous?

bareMinerals Purifying Facial Cleanser
-Creamy texture
-Very gentle on skin 
-Not irritating on the eyes 
-Pleasant smell
-Cleared up my skin! :) 
-Brightened up my complexion 
-Made my pores smaller
-Not overdrying
-Price is right 

-Didn't removed all of my makeup 

bareMinerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer
-Didn't made my skin dry 
-Visibly improved my skin elasticity
-Made my skin smooth, hydrated, and radiant

-No sunscreen  
-Not a fan of the smell 


 Onto the other items from BE....

bareVitamins Skin Rev-er Upper  

Now, this one not sure if I can give it a higher rating only because it has -parabens in it. As I mentioned above, it isn't good for your skin. According to studies, people with breast cancers has a high percentage of parabens, and can be irritating to the skin. I only tried this one because people were raging about it and also because it has Minerals and Vitamins in it which I kinda like. But when I tried it, I didn't seen any good result but neither did it broke me out. But you never know, looks can be deceiving ;).

-Didn't see any + result


Prime Time Oil Control Foundation Primer

-Controls my oily skin
-Good texture 

-Developed small white crystals upon application
-Didn't made my makeup last long 


 bareMinerals SPF15 Foundation 

$25 (Oh!! I forgot it doesn't include a kabuki brush ahha! Soweee :p)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! :) Truly award winning and it does what it says. My skin has never been so healthy-looking when I used this foundation. 

-It has a buildable coverage 
-Very light-weight to use. I barely even feel I have foundation on! 
-It doesnt feel/ look cakey
-My pores appears smaller
-It says it does diminish pimples and blemishes and I do believe in it
-Does controls my oily T-zone area
-Good SPF protection
-Perfect shade for my skin tone (i am in Light, W15)

-I couldn't think of any ;) 

Phew!! There it is! A part of my skin care review. I hope this could help ya bit ;). 

During my nephew's christening with my bestfriend's lil brother, Paul. Isn't he adorable? :p Sorry, this is the only pic taken outside LOL. And yes, I used to have that little bump on my chin which is now almost gone ;) 

  I don't have perfect skin. I struggle with facial skin problems like anybody else. This is just what I think worked out for me as I had been very meticulous on my skin care regime. I tried different products which I know is very bad for your skin as it may aggravates the problem. Taking good care of your skin will always be the bottom line though. In the end, your skin will tell you what it like/ doesn't like. 

Listen to it. ^___^

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