Thursday, November 24, 2011

Haul: Soap and Glory Lovin

Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss

I've been so obsessed with Soap & Glory ever since I tried one of their product weeks ago during the Sephora event. I personally think their products really work and that what amazes me. One of which I really liked is this super-oh-so-sexy lipgloss/ lip plumper what ever you call em by name ahah! The consistency is THICK, like when I apply it, it stick on like a glue LOL (too overated?). But that doesn't bother me at all, it kind of stays on for a long period the reason why its so thick lol, idk. It stings a bit when you apply it - which is relatively normal. knowing the product works. Did it made my lips appear bigger? Ofcourse it does =), all kind of lipglosses have the same effect. It smells vanillaish, which I really really love =). The color I got is baby pinkish because that is the only gloss stock I got that time (when people are all grabbing things like animal. Kinda remind of the Black Friday tonight!! *freaks out)

Heel Genius Foot Cream

I loveeee love this cream! My HG for my so-dried out heel. Ever since I started getting busy with life, I barely even had time to moisturize my foot (which is the least important part of our body). I moisturize a lot for my body but not realizing that winter had made my dry foot even worst. So I found a remedy for the cracked-foot that I once had and thanx to this super genius-amazing foot cream! =). The color is green, and consistency is well, moisturizing =). One of the reason why I love Soap & Glory. I never forget to put on this cream before going to bed or even in the morning. I then put on my warm cozy socks and it feels really warm and smells so good =). Now my night would be no-more-dry feet anymore!

Fab Pore Facial peel

Again, this has become one of my ultimate facial peel of all! I've tried face mask and stuff but this made it all a difference. It didn't dried out my face and I like that it comes with this little green granules that dissolves on application. Very minty and refreshing I could say =). It leaves my skin soft and supple. Love loves this so much! <3

Hand Food Hand cream

This is a must-to go with me everywhere I go. I always tend to have dry hands most of the time, specially during this winter so I really can't go anywhere without this. I have quite plenty of hand creams/ lotions in my bag (which I should sort out LOL) but this has became my favorite and I really really love the smell! Smells kind of minty. I love that it is so moisturizing as well. It doesn't make my hand so slippery (which most hand creams does). This is miracle *oh* =) My hands are craving for this food! hahah!

That's it! My lil soap and glory haul =). I can't think of any flaws because I think they have became my personal fave now. Price-wise? It depends on your personal bias but they are quite inexpensive for products that really work tbh. =)

...and, Happy Thanxgiving to everyone! =)

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Thnx again! =)

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