Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Antipodes Skin Brightening- Tone Correcting Serum and Resurrect Facial Toner

Antipodes Resurrect Facial Toner $34
Organic Apostle Skin Brightening and Tone Correcting Serum $58

I've been an avid Antipodes consumer and their products are beyond remarkable. Organic, gentle anti bacterial properties and by far the only skin care brand that I am hands down with because they really works! I invest on skincare products that I know are worth it. This brand was launched probably mid year of 2011 and I accidentally stumbled upon one of their famous well known products - the

Skin Brightening and Tone Correcting Serum

I've never tried facial serums before. In fact, this is my first time using it and I'm surprised it wasn't bad after all. Package wise, it's a nice tiny 30ml glass bottle of good and healthy serums. The serum is very similar with that of Juliet Skin Brightening Gel Cleanser. Although the smell is kind of different in a sense that well, has a fresh organic smell (if you're not into those kind of smell). The results may vary from each person. I can see a difference in maybe 2 weeks and people had been commenting on my skin ever since I started using it. I can confidently go outside the house without the feeling of touching up with foundation/ concealer to hide the spots. 

I always look forward to this routine because it's like pampering and soaking in your skin with all the goodness a serum can offer. It is pact with pure anti oxidants rich Vinanza Performance Plus that is said to target discoloration like dark- brown spots, post acne marks, freckles, and redness. *Waiwera mineral water  - moisturizes deep down the skin. My skin doesn't feel too tight. Actually it made it smooth soft finish. With ex foliating kiwi enzymes and soothing Oxifend from red grapes, it also brightens up the skin in its glorious glow and healthy cell renewal

* Voted 'Best in the World' of premium bottled waters, Decanter magazine (2008)

Antipodes Resurrect Facial Toner

I looove the smell of this. It is one of those products that relaxes your emotions like heavenly emotions (sounds weird). But yeah, reminded me how I was so addicted to the smell of Liz Earle's. I once thought toners are those that you soaked in cotton pads. Then I saw this 'spray toner' and I was like why not. Saves me money from buying cotton pads as well. Very easy to use and the mist covers my entire face and neck with 2-3 sprays all over. It kind of reminded me of Mac Fix plus spray that has all the vitamins and stuff in it. Anyhow, this toner has lavender and chamomile that soothes and calm the skin. It also addresses open pores the reason why I bought this.  Very tempting to spray to the face and a good preparation to moisturizers after cleansing. 

Every time I buy items from the Antipodes website
They always sent me 2 free sachet samples. This time I have got 2 Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream that I had previously reviewed. I wish they could let people select samples before buying lol.

Otherwise, I hope this review has helped you a lot if in case you wanted to try Antipodes skin care. Paraben free, synthetic free, petrochemical free, Sodium lauryl sulfates free, and artificial color/ fragrances free - now that's purely organic. I truly and highly recommend this one! =)


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