Thursday, August 23, 2012

ANTIPODES Skin Brightening Gel Cleanser, etc. The New HG Skincare

Juliet Skin Brightening Gel Cleanser $34 |  Natural Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream (sachet) |  
Natural Saviour Skinbalm $52 |  and Natural Vanilla Pod Hydrating Cream (sachet)

Antipodes Saviour SkinBalm $52

An antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial healing skin balm that protects dry cracked skin, grazes and bruises, chapped lips, sore muscles, stretch marks, sunburn, natural baby care, protection after shaving, conditioning cuticles, and in-flight hydration. It's natural components are derived from Australian tea tree and New Zealand totara, and all other helpful anti-oxidants that dramatically restores skin cell renewal. I had been using this liberally on my skin particularly on the driest part (thigh and lips). And after a month, I could say that I am satisfied that it gives my skin it's softer texture it could possibly have. It does have a scented bees wax scent that smells so good. It glides on so smoothly and stays on for longer hours. Everytime I use it, I always tempted to apply on over and over because it's just that great! Ofcourse, I try to use it on a minimal basis. The packaging looks great in its gorgeous tin can too. My new fave on my bedside beauty stuff.

Antipodes Juliet Skin Brightening Gel Cleanser $34

It's one of these things that when you tried a product, you can't emphasize how much you love them?! That is exactly how I feel for this AMAAAZING cleanser! Have I been looking for this cleanser for so long and I am so glad I have it. It's a miracle. First time using a gel cleanser but tbh, it didn't broke me out. Even if I did (work stress and lack of sleep), I'll only get a few spots but will be gone for a day or two because of its exfoliating extracts from the New Zealand kiwi superfruit and vibrant hibiscus flower. It significantly brightens up my complexion! I would wake up in the morning with bright healthy glow. No more dull skin. It brightens up my old pimple mark on my left cheek that I had been itching to fade for months and months. It has a powerful antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties that my skin loved so much. This baby also reduces the super oil production of my skin but doesn't leave it too tight or dry. Just the perfect feel of a real skin. It made my skin feel so much cleaner and fresher. Oh the smell is to die for! It smells heavenly green apple scent, yes its true. I know people have been singing praises about this and I am so lucky that I did tried it myself. =) /thumbs up!

Antipodes Natural Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream $52

Sachet sample

I absolutely love this product! I don't think I have anything from Antipodes that I didn't liked. The texture is well, thick but a pea-sized amount is enough for the whole face. The sachet lasted me a hell a week, used it every night. And I could see a big difference in the texture of my skin. The smell isn't that good if you're not into heavy scents but for me I like the smell of natural organic scents on my face. I feel like my skin is being pampered and nourished. 

Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream $48

Sachet sample

Another fave from the package I received. What I loved about this cream is the smell. (Really I am very gullible when it comes to scents). This cream provided me enough moisture the whole day/ night. It has antibacterial properties to keep skin clear and fresh. Didn't broke me out either. And my skin looks less oilier. It made my skin feels so much fresher and hydrated.

I was really surprised about the dramatic results on my skin. This is something I am confident enough to recommend New Zealand's natural skincare holy grails to everyone!


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