Monday, August 13, 2012

Sleep Aromatherapy from BathandBodyWorks

1st image: Sleep Body Lotion $13 |
2nd image: Top:  Sleep Body wash and foam bath both in Lavender vanilla $13
Below: scented candles in Verbena waters $9.75 | Beach Cabana 50% off

As mentioned in my recent post : Eye mask/ Pillow Therapy I struggled with difficulty falling asleep in the day after a night or two of 12 hours of work. I normally able to sleep 3 hours in a day then waking up having the worst headache ever. I've been using alternatives: ear plugs, scented candles, and soft classical background music, and that soothing eye mask to help me get over the insomnia. I don't want to use any pills or any kind of digestive products, no no. I want to try the least side effects to my body. And this aromatherapy from Bath & Body Works is not just a good shower treat but with the powerful aroma of lavender vanilla (smells soooooo fresh and invigorating), it helps calm my mind and body so I could have a good **'day' sleep thus waking up feeling better and refreshed.

Scented candles are always my go-to buys everytime I go visit B&BW. I used like almost all kinds of scents they offer because they are just THAT good to smell at. Oh! Specially when you burn the candle.. Hmmm just smells perfect and refreshing. =)

**Only because I sleep in the day and has a different time clock, this aromatherapy is more effective using at night. =)


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