Monday, September 5, 2011

Battle of the 6 Concealers

Of all the make-up I could ever be obsessed with, it will always be Concealers. I could never stop until I find that perfect concealer (face/ eye) that will perfectly suit me -  conceal and brightens for a long period of time. I have imperfection and that I want to conceal those puffiness and dark circles around my eye :(. I always had it even as much as I tried preventing it because I spend way too much on the computer with my geeky glasses on (which Im definitely sure that causes it lol =l . And because I also get stressed out from my work, I feel sad that I can never avoid stress even as much as I tried to, and my skin is suffering from it =(. But on the contrary, thanx to cosmetics there are some ways to hide those imperfections lol and I plead guilty to that! =p

Mac SF concealer, Physician's Formula concealer sticks, AC concealer, Covergirl smoothers concealer, Maybelline 24hr superstay concealer.. and (not on the photo) Smashbox photo op under eye brightener, and Benefit erase paste

 Alrite then! Let's start ^___^

Mac Studio Finish Concealer (in NW20)


I already made a review from my Mac collection few months ago CLICK HERE. I like that it does what it says and conceals those post acne marks I had. It also comes with SPF which I might say is also good for the skin as it prevents further discoloration ekk. It has a creamy powdery texture. The only thing that I kind of avoid using this is it cake under my eye =l. Over all, it is by far the best concealer I got from Mac. =)

Physician's Formula Concealer Sticks (in Yellow and Beige) 

I saw these ones because they were in clearance sale and were 2 in one 1 package. The yellow stick is for concealing under eye dark circles, which I believe did in some way. And the beige (not sure what it's really called, I lost it :(), is for concealing spots on the face. Now, I wasn't impressed with the lasting quality of both because it didn't stayed on for too long. It does only conceals after putting it. The smell? I like it :). Maybe I didn't used these concealers for a long time but something you could also look up to if you're interested :).

Maybelline 24hour Super Stay Concealer (in Light)

Now this says it all :) - long lasting. I like that this is a cream concealer because this is so easy to blend. With just a small pea-sized amount, dab and blend it with your ring finger and woahhla! =). Ok to use for acne and post acne marks or even under eye because of its full coverage, and no cakey look. I used to use this before applying with Mac studio finish concealer to give that finish look. (I know, cheating ahhah!). Im kind of bit sad Im running out but would definitely look after this if I couldn't find a better one. :)

Cover Girl Smoothers Concealer (in Light)

This was my first concealer ever! :) I'll be honest that I don't have a lot of stuffs to conceal ages ago but I do have imperfections but I wasn't even aware of that not until I started noticing those number of marks and spots. And this was the first baby I picked up from Target which I liked. Concealer sticks are easy to use but because you frequently dab it onto your face most of the time, the bacteria and old nasty stuffs are just on top layer of that stick eeee. So I tend to clean it everytime before I use it. Anyway for coverage side, it's ok but not good enough for big-red sitz.

Smashbox Photo Op Under eye Brightener (in Nude)

If you are looking for an under eye brightener you might want to check this out. Actually this was my first item I bought from Smashbox as I never tried any of their products. But concealer and brightener-wise, it isn't actually a true concealer to be honest as it doesn't give a full coverage for spots. But what it does best was to brighten up the under eye specially if you are taking a photo of yourself, which I don't do on a regular basis LOLLL. It is quite liquidy (term?) but easy to apply because it comes with a wand. But price-wise for a small bottle? Er.

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer (in Light Golden)

At first when I saw this, I was like "Eh? world's best concealer ei?" Then after checking it for a while, it kind of catches my attention to wanting to buy it because it says it is the secret of most of the Hollywood's make up artists. And on its counter, it says that it has won an award from Allure 2010? (i guess, but not sure which company hahah!) You know me, Im a very gullible person lol =).

Please beware of the first pic below as I posted this as a proof- base and took me a lot of courage to show this ugly face ahhah! >_< (These pimples are from work-stress related recently as I never had so much pimple like this before *sad*)

With my bare skin before applying any concealer and foundation. Hello big pimp! ughhhh  >_________<
With the concealer on. 
Some pics from last night :) with melissa and pam. Im the one with the purple top

With my friend, Pam. She will make an appearance in my blog for OOTD (outfit of the day), and some other random stuffs soon :)

Been using this for quite a while now and Im totally impressed with it. Creamy, blendable, good skin color match (but I prefer to have a shade a little darker than my tone because I don't want too light and obvious spots on my face). And the coverage? A little goes a long way. It does conceals redness and post acne marks but not my active little baby sitz :(. I don't use concealers and foundations at work but every time I use this for special occasions and stuffs, I noticed it also stays on for quite a while. Specially when I see myself on the picture which Im kind of surprised  like I never had something to conceal =). 

By far my FAVEEEEEEEEEE and AMAZING concealer of all mentioned :) YEY!

Next on the list for Review: Benefit Erase Paste no.1

I do apologize for the long and boring post. Concealers are just there to conceal imperfections and not totally hide it. I may never ever find that perfect concealer because I know there wouldn't be any, truthfully. 
So if you're looking for some good ole concealer that will disguise your look, you might get interested in any that I mentioned above :), and I hope it will help you a bit. 

Good luck! ^__^

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