Friday, January 18, 2013

MAC mini haul

I'm back with MAC! I just thought that's a cute one lol. Having been missing buying MACs recently (and because I also ran out of their perfume), I just decided that I needed to buy few ones again as I don't go to MAC or Sephora more recently. *babyface

MAC Turquatic Perfume

Mac Turquatic Perfume 50ml $49.50

Their perfume is what I am addicted for. *sniffstheperfumeagain. My favorite smell of all time. It has a summery aquatic smell (I know I suck in describing smell). But I do love it. It's not overly powerful, but good enough for people to smell me from miles away *sarcasm*

MAC Technakhol eyeliner in Graphblack

Mac Technakohl eyeliner 0.35g $15

I'm back in using technakohl eyeliners for my asian eyes. I know it's hard for some asians to wear khol eyeliners (most specially darker ones) because expect it or not, you'll be a racoon in few hours. That's what I hate. So I usually make it as gradually darker and deeper (with use of eyeshadow base), not to blame having that silly eyes anymore. I like that I can retract the eyeliner rather than sharpening it as often as needed (I hate that). 

MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base

Mac Pre+Prime skinbase 30ml $29

Made my foundation application so smooth and easy to glide on. It has some tiny tiny silicone glitters in it that made my skin look flawless in camera (eventhough I have a lot blemishes, but that is makeup ofcourse). It also made my makeup stay longer than usual. I love love this! =)

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