Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Updated Skin Care: Amore Pacific

Refreshing Hydra- Gel Oil Free

I don't normally update my skin care routine as I always change products to see which one would really work for my skin type. I used to have a very oily to combination skin ever since High school. Embarrassing how super shiny my skin was particularly my forehead, chin and nose. As I age, my routine changes as well. Categorizing how my skin is now, well, I would say normal to combination which I was happy about because I tried to take care of my skin as much as possible.

I had trials and errors. My skin would love a product at some point. But for some reason, after months and months of using it my skin would finally react due to stress, hormonal imbalance, season changes or any other environmental stressors that would trigger some break outs, or my skin would dry out, or worst I'll have the longest post- pimple mark for ages. That really frustrates me. I would be willing to try out different products that a friend from Sephora would always recommends but I was kind of skeptical to try out because it might make things worst (and for a tight- money buyer like me).

Then, my first Glossy box arrived and came with the cutest little jar I had ever seen, a few ounces of Amore Pacific moisturizer to try out. I made a review about the beauty box HERE

First time using it I loved it! It's so feathery light- weight. It dissolves and glides on so easily like water. It is so hydrating, and feels like my skin is so much pampered and soft. The smell is AMAZING as well! After I scooped up everything from the trial jar, I finally decided to buy the full size and still happy using it. Can't say it did much of a massive difference to my skin on my initial use, but after 2 months of using it day and night, my post-pimple marks finally lighten a little. It is something I look forward to using in the future. 

Benefits :

Oil free moisturizer with a refreshing and cooling gel texture
Stimulates hyaluronic acid production in the skin to improve moisture levels
Contribute to the clearing of breakouts/acne by providing essential hydration for the skin without clogging pores
8 hour time release

Ingredients and Technology :

Exclusive 5-Hydra Complex Bamboo Sap – increases cellular turnover and regeneration, improving skin thickness and radiance
Aqua Sponge Complex™ - Stimulates Hyaluronic acid production improving skin’s ability to hold water, preventing dehydration
Ginger Root Extract – Stimulates microcirculation in the skin, resulting in a more radiant complexion 9 Essential Amino Acids – Revitalizes and hydrates the skin, increasing radiance and vitality  

Retails $100.00 for 50ml/ 1.7 fl oz

I know this is an amazing product, but the catch is how heavy the price is to most of us. That really says something isn't it? It's the brand name and packaging that we're paying for lol. But I'm just saying my honest opinion to a product as much as I LOVE it!

Have you tried Amore Pacific? What do you think of it?


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