Saturday, June 2, 2012

First Topshop Makeup Haul

From left: Nevada | Infrared | Confession

Topshop Newest MU collection:
Enchanted lipstick in Charmed

Blush in Flush

From left: Khol eyeliner in Coal | Eye crayon in Tarnish

Peaches and cream 102| Nail Polish Remover | Nail Tattoos


My heart was pounding and pulse was raising fast when I saw Topshop on my walk along downtown Chicago. I always see and hear the latest buzz from other UK bloggers how they love Topshop products and I was lucky enough I accidentally run into 3 of Topshop stores here in America. Other than the one in New York, and the closests one in California would be the one in Las Vegas. So I jumped right through it and indulged myself in. I wanna try out everything! Clothing wise, I wasn't sure because we didn't had enough time so I went straight to the makeup section where there were a bunch of beauts that were teasing me lol. I tested some and spent a couple of minutes before I finally realized I had a number of products in my hand. The lipsticks and the top knots are definitely my favorites. The lippies are sooo pigmented! Love the taste too. The eyeliners are definitely worth the pocket because of intense and creamy pigmentation that I am surprised about. The blush on is a cream base and so easy to use, and blend. The clothes are over priced, ranging from $30-50 a top lol. They are way too much expensive compared to other stores here in the US. But giving myself a little makeup splurge on my vacation won't hurt, would it? =)

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