Monday, April 2, 2012

Tag: What's In My Bag?

Inside my makeup kit

Inside my bag

Inside my bag's pocket

Inside my wallet (no cash at the moment lol)

I literally just chunk in whatever items I have in my bag coz that's the excitement of the 'what's in my bag' tag =). I'm quite a messy person specially when it comes to my bag (good thing I threw all my junk receipts and candy wrappers the day ago). I always bring my digital camera with me. You never know when you gonna need it =). I also have my word search puzzle to keep me out from boredom. Yes, I carry hair spray with me (my fringe/bangs just won't sit right haha!). Most of my items are cosmetics stuff (for touch-ups after a long heavy day). When I'm out for a travel, I carry a separate travel makeup kit with me. I also needed to have my eye prescriptions. And Tylenol for headache and monthly necessities ofcourse. Who don't have Tylenols in their bag? =)

These are my items for daily travel necessities. What's yours? =)


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