Sunday, April 8, 2012

Juicy Couture

Last week, I had my yearly eye check-up with my new ophthalmologist and she prescribed me a higher power for both eyes. I have a bad eyesight and been wearing glasses and contacts since high school (yea I'm a nerd). Thank god for fashion, I don't have to stay away from it. There's plenty of amazing frames to choose from but this one caught my eye (believe me, eye glasses frames aren't a joke. This one cost me money even with my insurance, but still worth it though). I have 3 pairs of glasses I still wear randomly depending on the occasions and mood but this one has became my favorite. It also compliments the shape of my tiny face. Next time I'll post a pic of me with this (proly for an FOTD ^^,)

Do you wear glasses? Which brand is your favorite? ^_^

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