Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BB Cream Review

A lot of beauty products nowadays focus on improving the best quality of women's skin care. And most of them are very popular because of their skincare benefits - anti aging, whitening, UV protection, everything that the consumer would want. One of them is the never ending popularity of BB creams. 

BB cream stands for Beauty Balm, or Blemish Balm. A foundation/ tinted moisturizer all in one. As some of you may know, they started somewhere in Asia where women  are known to have clear, flawless, resilient and porcelain-like skin. Also known as the "secret of Korean actresses". It was intentionally used for post surgical patients to help recover from laser scars, blemishes, and acne. Since the booming of BB creams from the late 2008, many beauty companies have started selling the cosmetics not only for the Asian market but across the world as well.

I had this BB cream when I ordered it online from Skin79 mid year of 2011. Then I rekindled my love for it when I started using it again. I never had any complains from it except the fact that it only has one gray undertone. So basically it isn't made for everyone's skin tone. Blending might be an issue for some. I would be frankly enough, it is somewhat made for pale, light to medium complexions. But aside from that, I would truly recommends it to anyone who would want to try it.

Skin benefits they claim in general:
UV Protection
Fades post-acne mark
Evens out skin tone
Provides medium to full coverage
Helps maintain a healthy and resilient skin
Provides a sheer-pearl like glow to dull,dry skin

You wouldn't believe if you haven't tried yourself =)

If you're interested to try out, I listed a couple of BB creams I've seen on the market.
Just click the link.

Good luck! =)


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