Saturday, March 17, 2012

IOTD: You're Prettiest When You're Happy

I only got one photo for Inspiration of the Day. Got this one from my old blog and I still keep it on my computer to inspire me every day. I just wanted to share to every single girls/ ladies/ women out there reading this that no matter what you are, your age, your built, or what you look like, YOU ARE PRETTY IN EVERY SINGLE WAY, inside or out. God created you what you are now hence YOU are beautiful.

People may have teased you for looking like a nerd for wearing glasses. Heck bet you're smarter than them =). People may have laughed at how horrible you laughed, hey atleast you're laughing rather than frowning =). You may not be able to fit in size 0, but hey atleast you still have curves and any shape you have is still considered sexy. You may think you don't have any talents, but girl! You can still draw stick man, that's still a talent =) (joking aside)

Everyone has their own flaws and they are reflected by what other people see on you. This social world  is full of critics and all biased on beautiful looking people. But considering this, 'hey atleast my boobs aint fake!' 'my lips are naturally full', 'I don't need to go through painful stuff just to have people accept me' nuff said. 

You may look at the mirror and say you are the ugliest duckling ever existed in this cruel world, but come to think of it - whatever other people tell you, don't be sad, don't feel bad, don't keep it personal. Let it go. The more you keep it in yourself, the more uglier you'll become. Don't let it stress you. You are better than them. You are prettier than them. What makes you unique is how happy and good you feel about yourself. You love yourself, people would love you. And you wouldn't even notice they would start to like you because of your optimism.

Smile. You are prettiest when you are happy. =)

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