Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Quick Haul: Victoria's Secret

This one's a last year haul when I went browsing at Victoria's Secret for Christmas pressies. Not an intention to buy anything, but because people were so cluttered around for Sales, I jumped in and went along. Well, not a cheap sale for me ofcourse, since Im on a shopping restraint (heck yeah! that's my New Years resolution =). They have this cute perfumes and lotion packages that, well, for me is quite cheaper than buying them single. I always buy underwears at VS because they're all so comfy to wear (and cute too). 

On top:

VS Lipstick in Be Mine - a very gorgeous color!
VS Airbrush Face Primer - silicone-based and very easy to blend with foundation. Makeup stays longer
VS So Sexy Hair Serum - the smell? OMG, love it! It makes hair so soft and shiny
VS So Sexy Shampoo & Conditioner - well, not a fan ahhah! Although the smell are sexy yumm
and some VS Pink! Panties 


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