Thursday, January 26, 2012

My First Myglam

I received this bag a week ago so I'm proly late posting this in reference to other bloggers who did already but I'll share it anyways =). My Glam was founded by a makeup Youtube guru named Michelle Phan last year. I'm not a big fan of her but I decided to give this a try ever since she puts a video about her new launched makeup business. But I wasn't disappointed =). Compared to Birchbox, they included a big-sized items which, I would think are worth more than $10. So I think it was a steal ;). The other thing is, they have this cool concept : Go Green or something (just anything to do with nature and stuff LOL). I wasn't surprised when they sent me that green nail polish..

The cute bag includes:

❤ Sheer Cover Duo Concealer - It comes with light/ medium. I tried to use it but it just won't blend in very well with my skin tone. The other one is too light, then the other one is too dark. I don't know which one to use LOL.

❤ Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner - Very minty smell, I could say. The color is white and it doesn't lather that much only because it doesn't come with Sodium  lauryl sulfate, which is one of the most common poisons in the world that manufacturers used in soaps, detergents, , toothpaste, anything that lathers that is widely documented to cause health problems (that's a good thing to keep in mind ei? ^^). 

❤ Freeman Cucumber Facial Peel-off Mask - My fave off all. It smells reeally cucumber-ish. And the consistency is clear thick. It feels like a cucumber shake that smothered in your face lol. I feel like I had a plastic face, really. When I peeled everything off, it does comes in one clean piece. It also gives a minty refreshed feeling afterwards. Loves it <3

❤ Hot Topic in Grass is(n't) Always Greener - Hahaha, love the name of it. I was so excited to try out the color but when I did, I feel a little disappointed because well, it is so watery. Took me 3 coats before I can finally came up with the picture above. Although, I think it would look nice (and darkish) if you're wearing something to match the green-es.

..and also because I love this small vectored plants. Im quite an art observant.

Overall, 5/5. Very well presentation. It also comes with brochures from the participating companies, and the bag is so cute! =)

Why not try out the next month beauty box/ bag? You never know what amazing surprise you'll gonna get too! =)

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Hope this helps. Have fun!


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