Thursday, December 8, 2011

All About Beauty Boxes and Where To Get Them

Hello lovelies! ^_^

As some of you may not know (or actually knew months ago) are the new craze for Beauty Boxes. I was totally unaware of this amazing concept until I find beauty gurus bragging about their latest monthly beauty boxes.

One of the first beauty boxes that caught my eye was the GlossyBox. Perhaps the first that actually became popular this year. Although I should admit, I really can't wait for GB to open here in the United States. So I just sub'd to a couple of beauty boxes that are available in this country
(and other links that I will share below ;) *wink)

What exactly is a Beauty Box anyway? 
 - a box containing 4-6 High-end beauty goodies that you can try out and delivered right through your door by monthly/ yearly subscriptions. The best thing about this concept is you never know what to expect. It's like receiving a surprise gifts every month! For $10 or so a month, you can try out different samples before you can actually buy them. I know its a pain in the butt when you tried out product in a beauty counter, bought it, realizing it's not worth your money and ending up returning it back. I feel ya girl. And what I heard is that not all items are just samples. You can also receive some medium and full sized product for the same price as well. There are a lot of great beauty brands that are yet to be dicovered..

How does it work?



Images from Glossybox and Boudoir Prive 

I know I can't waffle much about this simply because I haven't received my beauty boxes yet. But the purpose of this post is to share the links of beauty box companies that cater all over the world (if you are very much interested in enjoying some luxury samples at home =)

Click the names below:

United States

GlossyBox ($23.05/month) 
GoGo Girlfriend ($6.99/month)
Bluum Box ($9/month)  
Birchbox ($10/month)
MyGlam ($10/month)
CraveBox ($10/month)
Beauty Army ($12/month)
His Black Box ($12/month)
Green Grab Bag ($15/month)
Eco Emi ($15/month)
Makeup Monthly ($18/month)
Conscious Box ($19/month)
Julep ($19.99/month)
BarkBox ($25/month)
Petitebox ($25/month)
Divalicious ($26/month)
Umba Box ($26/month)
TestTube by New Beauty ($29.95/3 months)
Beautyfix ($49.94/season)


Glymm Box ($10/month)
Topbox ($10/month)
His Black Box ($12/month)  
LuxeBox ($12/month or $36/3 months)
Eco Emi ($15/month)
Conscious Box ($19/month)
Divalicious ($26/month)

Latest In Beauty (£4.95/month)
Feel Unique (£9.95/month)
SheSaidBeauty (£9/month)
Amarya Beauty Box (£10/month)
Carmine Beauty Box (£10/month)
Boudoir Prive (£10/month)
GlossyBox (£12.95/month)
Eco Emi ($15/month)


Carmine Beauty Box (£10/month)
GlossyBox (£12.95/month) 


BooBox (€10/month)
Box of Beauty (€10/month)
Kosmetik Box (€10/month)
GlossyBox ( €10/month)
Douglas Aktuell ( €10/month)


JolieBox (€10/month)
GlossyBox (€13/month)

South Korea

GlossyBox (₩16,500/month)


HauteBox (coming soon)
GlossyBox ($14.95/month)
Lust Have It! ($14.95/month)
BellaBox ($15/month) 


GlossyBox (€10/month)


GlossyBox (€14/month)


GlossyBox (R$19/month)

South Africa

RubyBox (R100/month) 

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