Thursday, January 19, 2012

My First Birchbox

Hello everyone! =). How are you all? First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone for being a regular visitor on my blog, and most specially, I would like to welcome my new friends ( I don't want to say followers) because I checked each and everyone who followed me and I, in return, definitely followed them back. I learned a lot from all of you girls and building a small friendship means a lot to me. <3

Ok..onto my very first beautybox - BIRCHBOX~!. First thing I can comment on the service was, the total failure of the shipping process. I mean, I was so excited to receive my box but though it was a good thing they sent me the tracking number, it got lost somewhere in California which took 3 weeks before it eventually arrive to my shipping address. I mean, I know it wasn't their fault (damn you USPS!), but being an avid customer it should have had sorted out as early as possible.

The box came in quite smaller than I expected. For $10/month? But you never know, it's the content that counts =). It comes with a very pretty pink box with white stripes representing their logo or something. I like that a welcome note was included made the box even more special (and exciting!). The box includes:

❤ Jouer Lip Gloss - a very cute fuchsia color. I actually love the smell. The finish is sheer and it isn't as sticky as most lip glosses I own. Loves it.

❤ Juicy Couture - I already owned the perfume and the rollerball one (which I always always kept in my purse everywhere I go). It smells really sweet and sexy at the same time. 

❤ VMV Hypoallergenics - this one's the biggest sample I got from the box. I was in need for an eye serum for ages and wanting to try one. It claims it brightens and revives under eye area. It has a lot of RE in it, revive, regenerate, renew, re re re re......

Zoya nail polish in Kristen - OMMGG this is my most fave of all! I wasn't a fan of pastel ones but I defnitely fell in love with this bluish gray color. It applies in perfectly. Not too watery. And dries off easily. I love it. Will be checking out other colors soon =)

..and, the box also comes with a chocolate bar, and a magnetic post-it something (idk what its called) =). Overall, I didn't hated the box only because it came later than I expected. I became excited when I see Juicy Couture and Zoya in it. I rate it 4/5. 

If you want to subscribe to any of the beauty boxes available in your country, I made a blog post for you to check out if you're interested =)

Have fun! =)


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