Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Things I Wanted to Do My Whole Life (I tag everyone)

What would you like to do? or should I rephrase - What would you LOVE to do?

Everyone have their own WISH LIST (not makeup or material things), things that we wanted to DO or even experience having that fulfill our hearts desire. So I came up with these well-not-so organized wish list that I wanted to do in my whole life (I tag everyone who wants to do this as well =).
So I closed my eyes and picture that things that my heart wishes..(and sometimes funny wishes)


Who doesn't love to travel? =) I always wanted to travel around the world which is why most of listed below are all about traveling and seeing places with different cultures and experience being one..

1. Travel to Japan
2. Travel to Dublin
3. Travel to England
4. Travel to Paris
5. Travel to Rio de Janeiro  
6. Perform Pachelbel's Canon in piano 
7. Continue ballet class
8. Visit an art museum
9. Learn how to play guitar
10. Travel to New York
11. Participate in a charity foundation
12. Live independently
13. Adopt a cat
14. Meet Zac Efron 
15. Work in McDonalds? 
16. Sky diving
17. Do a good levitation photography
18. See real artifacts
19. To be close to God more
20. Be able to change someone else's perspective in life
21. Have a perfect Christmas with family every year
22. Score a perfect game in bowling
23. Travel on a plane with a teddy bear 
24. Ride the Eiffel tower
25. Ride the London eye
26. Picture different architectural designs
27. Adopt a dog
28. See the Niagara falls
29.  Do bungee jumping
30. Travel to Spain
31. Travel to South Korea
32. Travel to Australia
33. See a real Tasmanian devil
34. Travel to Rome
35. Witness cosmic rays somewhere in Canada
36. Watch in a live opera
37. Learn how to sing
38. Meet people behind Final Fantasy
39. Collect a real antique from World war I-II

and lastly, 

be happily married with the right man. Do this list with him. 
Spend the golden years, while reminiscing the years and be ready for another adventure..

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