Friday, December 16, 2011

Geek stuff, Stupidiotic Shop

I took a peek inside the shop, which in fact, was named Stupidiotic ^__^. Full of ridiculously stupid crap but will make you laugh indeed (specially if you try it yourself). And here are some of the unexpected stuffs I took fancy of...

 I wish I was the one who stole this cat..seriously...

 Reminds you of the cute 'nomnomnomnom' in Youtube? 

I tried this one, and it was OWSOME! You could actually see people behind ya. Good trick.

Oh.. I want this clock, i mean bag. Keeps me in track of time when im in a run!

I wonder if I'll get even stupidier if I take those pills.. "stupidity over dose" LOLLL

Care for some cold bottled water?

No more asking passers-by to take pic of you from a distance hahah!

This is the EPIC! Me and my brother posing with the uhm.."censor glass"? I think that's what you call 'em. (lol at the fingerprints). It looks more real in my bro's pic.

  It was quite a small shop but full of brilliant and sometimes stupid innovations that you never knew existed. If you can't get enough of the stupid ideas, then click THIS for more!

I warned ya.

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