Friday, December 23, 2011

Haul: Forever21 and a snippet of my Christmas present

All items above are from Forever 21. Really, I shouldn't be buying for myself, it's Christmas, I've been naughty but oh well. ^_~

And to top it all, I also bought gifts for lovely people around me.. - friends, families, co-workers. I enjoy shopping for myself but I definitely enjoy it more especially if it would mean for someone else. I didn't got the chance to show my presents for my coworkers because I was too excited to wrap them lol.

Yesterday, I just gave this very cute baby set (from H&M) for my friend's little baby girl and I opened it for her so I know I'm safe ^_~. Aint this cute?

I'm really not sure if I should show the pictures of my presents for my family because they might read this and it would spoil their Christmas. I might post it AFTER they opened it ahhha! ^___^v

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