Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Part II: Disneyland

It's Christmas! =). Who wouldn't like to go to the happiest places on earth? Disneyland even made my Christmas merrier. We're just suppose to go to Disneyland that day, but because there's a massive amount of people visiting, they gave us a free pass on California Adventure (steal =). There's a loootttt of people there, my god. Strollers hitting behind me, kids screaming, long line, people pushing LOL. What do you expect? But who cares, I'm happy LOL. Last time I visited Disneyland was I think 2 years ago, and it still feels like the first time.

One thing I enjoyed in every theme parks, are these fluffy cotton candies. Can't get enough of them. Made me feel like a child. Believe me, I still am =)

While looking around to buy some hot cocoa, I found this guy doing some sketches. Made me realize that's how artists do their magic on Disney's arts =) but I loved it.

How I wish fairy tales were real - I once thought it was. I don't want to keep believing it ISNT, because I still believe in it. Someday my prince will come - sarcasm much? =)

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