Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Part I: Evening Before

If there would be a single word to describe how my Christmas was, it would be 'perfect'. I wish everyday is Christmas. I always look forward to this best time every year. Celebrating and merrying with family and friends. I never quite planned my weekend off from work would be that long, and that amazing. I started celebrating my Christmas with my co-workers 4days before the day and it feels so nice to fit in. They're my 2nd family. I planned on giving simple gifts to every single one of them because they deserved to be thought of. =)

Then the evening came, we celebrated the night at my sister's new house. They're the nicests person I ever knew, specially my brother-in law. They're expecting a baby soon so yey for new family member =). The most exciting part of the night was we skyped with our families from the Philippines. It just feels like they're with us. Oh I miss Christmas in the Philippines. I could almost remember I was so much excited when Christmas is coming. Musical Christmas tree beneath the stairs with sparkling gifts underneath, a dimmed light, simple foods prepared on the table, and most importantly we were the happiest family I could ever imagine. I always even thought Santa was real =). Then I grew up realizing I could be my own Santa =).

Having to move and live here in the US is so much different, for me at least. Everything is different. But we still managed to keep things as if like a tradition we once grew up with.

We had our group pictures together. Above was me and my little brother's picture. Then we opened up gifts - omg, I was so happy opening my gifts from lovely people, never even expected to receive an Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's from my bff. Thnx Pam! =). I love all of them gifts so much.

And below were the gifts I gave for my siblings and friends..(something to keep them warm)

We then ended the night watching movie - Colombiana (that until now we haven't finished watching because everyone were sleepy LOL). I stayed at my sis' house for that night.

All I could remember most of all were the laughters and smiles from everyone's faces that were priceless- not much I always see everyday. =)

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