Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some Vintage Antiques

how scary is this? xD

Last night, I went on a Winterfest event going on in a town close to where I live. It's a VERY old American town with people dressed up as cowboys and indians. California is a place where different variety of races populated the area and cultures are very much preserved in such dignity that until now, we still celebrate. It's an old Thanx giving tradition in the area and people from different towns gather to witness the spectacular town decorated with beautiful Christmas lights. I can actually feel the early spirit of Christmas =). 

There were also some places to go for wine tasting, food munching (lol), and best of all..a couple of old Antique shops that I personally indulge myself in. I LOVE collecting antiques. Though we know real antiques are way too pricey. I was actually eyeing for a quilted throw pillow but for $39 that small? Hell no. 

So I just took some pictures and thought of sharing 'em with you ^__^

 photo blogby.jpg