Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Purchases O' Random Haul and Review


How's everyone doing so far? =). I haven't blogged for weeks, and my fingers were craving this keyboard to share some new stuffs with you =). I just recently started my first contest which is the - Best Halloween Costume/ Makeup Contest running until 27th of November. If you haven't voted for your favorite entry, go on! VOTE now =). I am so overwhelmed with amaazing entries from fellow bloggers. And lastly, I would also like to THANK my new readers for following my blog =) *smiles*

Sally Hansen's Crackle Nail Polishes

From right to left: Fractured foil 03, distressed denin 05, cherry smash 07, antiqued gold 06, vintage violet 02
I wasn't really sure if I wanted nail coats like this, maybe only because they're the new craze among nail fanatics. I don't always wear colored nail polishes because they are not allowed on work /boo. But this is something I'll always look up into for any night outs and special occasions =). I bought these nail polishes intentionally for my relatives in the Philippines, they might fancy these ones hehe!

PerfectFormula Pink Gel Coat

 I am really in need something for my poor dry and cracked nails. The first time I used it, my finger nails feel soft and smooth when I run my fingers in it. My nails has never been this healthy looking. I love it! <3

Urban Decay Cream Highlighter in Sin

Been always in look out for this sweet glittery highlighter for so long haha! So the last time I went to Sephora (which was just yesterday lol), I told to myself  'sod it, im really gonna buy it now' LOL, and here it is, along with my fave make up collection. I tried to take a photo so you could see the swatch but to no avail because the sun hasn't properly come out here in California. But the texture is cream (cream highlighter *duh), and the it is not that much of a sparkly glitter, really. I like it =)

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

I've been buying this product for almost my entire life. First time I bought this was when I was in Hong kong and I never understood what the chinese character says ahha! I have blackhead/ white heads problem on my nose, like most of you. And I really can't help but thank biore for making an amazing product. The pack comes with either just the nose and face strip or both. I always buy both because it also comes in handy for removing ones on my forehead and chin, but I do get most of it from my nose. The only thing that I hate on pore strips is when it dries out, and you remove it, few seconds later it will DEFINITELY gonna itch! haha! But worth it because you can really see ALL the goodies attached on the strip. 

Ren ClearCalm 3 Acne Treatment Mask

Haven't actually used this product for a week so I cannot vouch how good/ bad this product is. When I came to Sephora yesterday, this handsome customer agent approached me (well, most of them already knew me bec. Im a regular costumer there LOL), and he keeps following me I said ,no, thnx im ok just looking around' ahhaha! Then me ended up standing in the Shiseido counter looking for , well, perhaps a post acne mark treatment because my face has been bad lately. But Shiseido is very expensive high-end one. So, he was a good help after he came back lol. He showed me this one from Ren. He then tried this on my hand (I wonder why he was shaking when he hold mine lol). And I like that it's a weekly treatment mask and not a daily spot treatment, because I kind of stay away from daily treatment for a while. The smell is very much of a Sulfur I guess, only because it is 5% of it. I wanted to make this work and hopefully I could see a difference in my skin after few weeks, thnx to that cutie ahhah! =)

Soap & Glory Hand Food

 Hooray! Sephora has Soap & Glory now =). I heard a lot of great stuffs from this brand so I can't wait to try most of it. For the meantime, I've always been in need for hand lotions because of this winter season, and since because I am working as a nurse, I tend to wask my hands more frequently than regular people so my hands did turned out really dry, and cracked. I like the smell of this, kind of vanilla something. And it is very moisturizing as well =)

Bath & Body Face Mask

Not sure why I bought this but maybe because it was on sale haha! =p, but when I first used this, it has a minty cool feeling. The smell? Oh you really can't go wrong with Bath & Body's items =). It leaves my skin soft and supple. I think I crave for another face mask treatment ahha!

One Berry Delicious Lip Balm

Oh lala! This is one of my faveeeee balm ever! The smell, the taste (i dont eat this), yummm. I bought this one from Target when it was on sale, at around $1-2 I think , which is a steal imo. I liberally use this prior to applying lipsticks so my lips won't chap later on. Very moisturizing as well. Loves it!! <3

Burt's Bees Blemish Stick

Also, when I came to Target, I bought this one, which was a bit random. I haven't tried any of Burt's bee's products but I heard alot of positive reviews about em. The smell of this is very strong, as expected, something like very herbal. And the smell stays on my face for sooo long. When I first applied this, it was kind of oily and not sure if it did something for the spots/ blemishes. But oh well =)

VitaFusion MultiVites and Vitamin C

Everyone should have atleast one of these, this winter season =). It has all the good stuffs in it and our body needs some vitamins everyday. 2 gummies a day, keeps the doctors away =)

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