Friday, November 11, 2011

MAC Ice Parade Brush kits - Mineralize & Special Edition

First and foremost, ok, I haven't own ANY mac brushes..everh! EEkkk, and this is my first MAC brushes and Im sooooooo excited for it =). I used to use the Sephora brushes (yes, i love sephora. Their brushes are cheaper than MAC). But after using those sephora brushes for months now, it tend to fall out and aint that softer like the first time I used them. I clean them as delicate as possible but I finally decided I needed new brushes with high quality and been ranging these MAC brushes for soooo long. 

Everyone know MAC brushes aint that cheap ahah! (expect it). But when I came down to MAC store the weekend, I wasn't aware of their new holiday collection which was - Ice Parade Glitter and Ice. OMG. They are amazing! This kind lady helped me find the right brush kit. I did bought the Mineralize kit not realizing Im gonna need those other kit as well! =o So I went down a day after and bought the other kit - Special Edition because I needed the 168, and 217 a lot. tsk

I prefer buying in kits because they are wayyyyy so much cheaper compared to buying them one by one. The only thing is, they are small. Good for travel sizes. Their handles are transparent glittery-ice which I find cute =). I find it much easier to apply, blend, or anything, with these MAC brushes.

MAC Make It Perfect Brush kit/ Mineralize (2nd photo)
187 SE
130 SE
286 Duo Fiber Tapered brush
282 Duo Fiber Tapered brush

MAC Make It Perfect Brush kit/ Special Edition (3rd photo)
167 SE
168 SE
239 SE
217 SE
212 SE

Each kit costs $49.50

Has anyone of you tried any of the new MAC holiday collections? =)

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