Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Neutrogena T/ Gel Therapeutic Shampoo for dandruff scalp

   Honestly speaking, I may have the longest and worst DANDRUFF head ever! Been suffering for almost 1 year now and I simply can't find the right shampoo for my scalp *cries*. I did tried other Anti- dandruff shampoo but they really made it even worst! I know most of you also know that citrus or vinegar helps in removing dandruff, I did that too as well, but eeeekk aint that so painful and I had my mom put it because my scalp turns red because of pain. I was really hopeless to wear black tops, and had been so over conscious looking over my shoulder and my car seat.oh =(

That has been my dandruff story so far =), but not anymore ever since I tried this aaaammmzing product, I no longer suffer in dandruff. It does controls the sebum, itchiness, and flakes. The smell aint that pleasant because of Tar but after it gets dry, it smells really good. My hair has been shiny as well, though I still have dry hair. I can't find anything better than this. Thank you neutrogena, you saved my scalp! =)

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