Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

"Florals. Vintagy. Patterns. Worn out pastel colors. Dirty off whites. Pleated curtains. Faux painting. Feminine" - this is Shabby Chic style. 

Ever since I moved to my new room, I instantly decided I am going to make a total new-room make-over. I had been in love with this type of interior design. Not only does it suits my personality but it feels warm and cozy with the slight touch of elegance in every angle. =)

My room is in its 'almost' finish state. I have a natural light facing bedroom with 3 windows all around the room (which is why my family always wants to stay in my room to chill out hehe!). Had the walls painted in cream white, and I used the same curtains I bought from Target from the Rachel Ashwells' Simply Shabby chic line including the bedsheets. Who wouldn't want a nice bedsheets? For me, it is the first thing people see in your room. It instantly changes the appearance of the whole room. I also bought sets of makeup table and a side table from IKEA which are soooo purty! =) My dad and brother have to help me screw everything up.

I have few more touch ups that I needed to finish (makeup stool, study chair, lamps and all other stuff) that I don't want to rush out anyways. Here are few of my research for ideas and inspirations. Any thoughts of where to buy and how to achieve that old English country style? =) Please do comment below and I would appreciate it a lot. Credits to the owners of the images from Google.

teli ❤

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