Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Massive Shopping Spree for Fall !!

When I'm in a good mood, I sometimes treat myself on a little splurge for shopping =). I go on a single day walking around, spending my whole hours staring at a gorgeous top thinking if I need this or that and ended up NOT buying it hahah! And sometimes I have this item in mind but ended up buying the other one haha! I'm kind of a picky shopper but when I really need slash want it, I get it =p. But let us all admit it, we buy stuffs because there's a strong pull that we really wanted to try them at least, and after all, Fall is here :)

Let's start!

Victoria's Secret 

VS Baked Mineral Bronzing powder

My first stop was at VS with my undecided mind flying around, then saw this gorgeous bronzer. Why didn't I saw you before?? :(. The color is somewhat a slight shimmery- gold, like sun-kissed glow. But it's not too much shimmery and yet it is also buildable. I use this under my cheek bone and if you have a round/ oval face like I have, it can also elongate your face (not sure if that's the right word hahha!). The packaging is also purty btw! <3


MAC Turquatic Perfume

Ofcourse, I won't pass by without checkin' what MAC has to offer. I was surprised to see Turquatic perfume back! I tested it and I soooooooooooo (10x) LOVE the smell! =) Smells like fresh, breezy-aquatic, and not overpowering at the same time. The only downfall was the packaging is small considering the price err. But nonetheless, I still loves it and it stays on for a longer period (because that's what most of us want anyways) 

MAC Jest e/s
  I was about to get the Brule or Shroom e/s, but I thought I wanted a frost finish at the same time. I don't want too matte or too veluxe so I thought frost would be better since I've been eyeing on somewhat same color as the Brule so I thought "why not try Jest, it looks pretty too". I like that it has glittery effects too :). Great for cat-eye look.

MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in NW25
   I run out of this MAC foundation and I do think this is the only foundation I have that (I think) makes the most coverage of all. I used this one on my previous posts (Outfit of the Night & the night), and I noticed a much big difference in my skin. I do have a lot of post acne/ pimple spots that I tried (with all my effort) to conceal it and it wouldn't be made possible without this amazing foundation. Love loves this foundation and I keep coming back to it. It isn't too thick or heavy nor cakey. I use the tiny tinieeeest drop for my entire face. Coverage is build able and it last definitely, giving a dewy look. =). And also, I lower down the shade. I used to be NW20. Not sure why, maybe because I turned tan during summer hahha!  



CHI Shine Infusion Spray
 I saw this from few beauty bloggers using this prior to styling to protect their hair from heat etc. I always wanted to try this one before but I thought I wouldn't need it anyway since I don't style my hair that much. But I realized even when I do style it at least I need something to protect my hair from damaging and getting drier since I do have a dry-brittle hair and I don't want to make it even worst =(. The spray is mist and I like the smell of it. Not sure if it does something for the shine on my hair (which it says it should) LOL.

Nexxus Pro-mend creme
 This is quite sticky. Not sure if its just me hahah! But when I woke up in the morning (btw, I apply this overnight which it says it CAN be), then when I woke up in the morning, my hair get's sticky so I really wanting to rinse it out as soon as I wake up LOLL =o. But the smell's good anyway ;)

Roc Eye Treatment
 Been looking for a good eye creme treatment to combat or lessen under eye dark circles and puffiness. I think I saw this one in front of the skin care section with all the other products being displayed with notable awards/ recognition from few magazines, etc. After all, that's what most people look at - is it the 'best' product? =)

Kleancolor in Dessert
 This is a verrrry pretty nude color <3. I bought this one from Fashion Today's counter.



Not sure why I bought this from Forever21 counter but I liked it :). I use it every night and it gives a cold therapy for my tired eyes. =)




How bout you? What is your shopping splurge for fall? ^___^

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