Friday, October 21, 2011

One of the cutiest logo I'd ever seen!

And it's an award! =p. I never thought I'd get one too. I was awarded by Lexie from Lexie's beauty. Check her blog out, it's so sparkly =) *loves.

And also, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I may sponsor my first blog event for hitting 200th followers, soon!! Yeyyyyyyyyy!! =). This is a THANK YOU giveaway for all of you girls who followed and commented on my blog. I LOVEEEE joining giveaways from fellow bloggers but I haven't won ..yet? ahhah! Anyways I'm so excited for this hihih. Though I'm not sure how to start with because I'm a blog event/ giveaway virgin here *blushes*. So tipx/ tricks on how-to would be appreciated =).

like, how do you know who'll be the winner? 
how do you spread the word?
how do get amazing prices for giveaways without spending a lot of money etc.. *bubbles pop

Onto the award...*drum rolls***

Rules are simple:
 1. Link back person who awarded you: Lexie
2. Answer award questions
3. 7 random facts about yourself
4. Award who are your best bloggers...

Award Questions
1. Favorite Color: Pink, Cremes
2. Favorite Song: as of now I am so into Adele's 'Dont you Remember'. Just bought her album the other day =)
3. Favorite Dessert: Green tea mochi!
4. What makes you mad?: Oddly enough, I don't get mad easily. Only when my brother pisses me off LOL
5. When your upset: I try to divert my feelings to other things that make me happy =)
6. Favorite Animal: meow
7. Black or White?: White
8. Biggest fear: My biggest fear is..
9. Best feature: Is my attitude perhaps. Can't think of anything physical because I ain't that perfect
10. Everyday attitude: Sweet
11. What is perfection?: You
12. Guilty Pleasure: Forever21

7 Random Facts
1. I hang out on a big graphic artist family called FringeFX =), check it out.
2. I always buys Mrs. Field's semi sweet cookies while I treat myself for window shopping. Hmmm sounds like Breakfast at Tiffany's =). It's indulging and puts you on a good mood.
3. I just turned 24 last October 15! Yeyyyy =)
4. I'm a random person
5. I don't own iPhone
6. I used to play the keyboard and plays for our church years ago. I used to be a music nerd but I love it =)
7. I'm a proud Filipina 

Blogs I am lovin' at the moment

Hope y'all have a great weekend!! ^_____^

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