Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quick haul

Just a smallish haul that I bought last week. Apologize for the bad lightning. It is autumn here and I haven't seen the sun since the morning =(. These are all the stuffs I bought from Forever21 except for the brownish top and white sweater from H&M. The last picture was the shabby lamp I kept coming back to Home Goods because I really really like it but I haven't have the guts to buy it before. I always say 'no ill wait for black friday' etc. But I thought what if I missed it? I couldn't find anything like that, even in ebay. So I'm like ok I'll really gonna buy it now. And it looks cute ! =). My mom saw it last night and she liked it hehe.

Quick Food for Thoughts (what I learned for the past few weeks)

  • learn to appreciate little things in life. When you look back after 10 years, you'll realize they were the big things =)
  • changes are good, only if you are ready to accept it =)
  • being Single means there are plenty of fish out there. You only have to choose who has the strongest grip and wouldn't let you go =)

Have a good day everyone! <3

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