Sunday, August 14, 2011

Review: NARS lovin'

From left: Isolde e/s, soft eyeshadow pencil in Goddess, eyeliner in Via veneto, blush in Deep Throat

Earlier this weekend, I went shopping to Sephora and see what new they got. Well, I really wasn't in look for the new ones because I know they'll be expensive and not sure if my pocket can handle it hahah! But NARS do really have a good foundation in terms of their makeup quality. I'll hands down to them.


 Isolde eyeshadow

I scouted around and stopped by Nars section staring at this gooooorgeous brown/gold eyeshadow duo called Isolde. I fell in love with it. I tried it on and it made my brown eyes pop more! Really. It must be the glitter which I kinda liked. I honestly tried to stay away from glittery e/s because it just scatters all over my face! But this one changed it all. I didn't hesitate to buy it though it really looks very similar to Mac Woodwinked so I use both of them because I really do love them. And I always get compliment from my sister lol.

Such a gorgeous combination. I use the left one on my lid (with a little touch of Mac woodwink). And the right on my crease.

Deep Throat blush

The name is kind of sarcastic, I say ahha! Anyways, I do like this blush. Very pigmented, sweet-chicky look blush. I've been using this one recently and I guess I'll be having my new blush brand now lol. I love that it also comes with a compact mirror as it gets easy to blush in. The only thing I may not like is the matte cover. "I hate it when dirt and finger prints always get in the cover" :( But the whole package was great nonetheless :)

It looks different from the top view above maybe because of the lightning -_-. But i promise it looks peach like the first one.

Via Veneto retractable eyeliner 

Ever since I tried this, I never got a complaint regarding the smudging under my eye. Some eyeliners, even how amazing they say they are,  they fail because of that. I really don't like that racoon- eye after a long day. This eyeliner is amazing! I used to go for brown or dark brown eyeliners and only few blacks I have including this one. And I love it now! It glides on easily and very easy to maneuver around.

I already made a review for NARS Goddess soft eyeshadow pencil HERE 

What do you think of NARS? Anything you liked in particular? 
Any recommendations you want to share? ^_^ 

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