Saturday, August 13, 2011

Haul: I love H & M!

Not only are they very classy, but the prices are reasonable. I love love going back to H & M :) Every week, I visit my favorite shop heheh! *Slaps hands for being naughty*

Here are only some of the few new purchases :)
A gorgeous long gold clock necklace. Nope, it aint workin' ahaha! I did tried matching this necklace in all other plain tops and it match perfectly!

The earrings are $3.95 for all of em. The rings are only below $3-4 per pair ;) except for the big blue ring.

A brown suede belt with knot at the end

A wired head scarf. I always always wanted to buy something like this! Very easy to use and doesn't have to slide down my small head haha!
A white blue-gray top with blue ribbon and laces on sides and neck line

A short black short with ribbon designs

A navy blue dress with gorgeous gold buttons, and long comfy sleeves. And it comes with 2 pockets. I can't wait to wear this! :)
Close-up look :) Im a detailed person..meowwww

And one from Forever21

A very cute peachy top!

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