Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review: Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara

First time, I saw it I was initially attracted. (Well,..ok by its name and packaging obviously lol :p) But seriously, this mascara is something everyone should check out. The bristles are fine and soft. I like that it goes all the way my whole eyelashes (buttom and upper) even the smallest ones because I have short buttom lashes. What I really liked in this ammmmaazing mascara is it did opened up my eyes. Huwell, I don't want to exaggerate that it did like a doll-eyed, but it did :) (lots of did did did -wth?lol)

This does volumizing and defining effect. Not lengthening nor moisturizing. Each mascaras are different depending on what kind of eyelashes you want to achieve. Waterproof/ smudge proof base? I first tested the mascara when I was in Sephora 3 hours now until I got home and still, I didn't see any single black line under my eye and I was a little sweaty because of the hot weather here in California. 

This mascara is amazing <3. I love love it! Thank you Lancome!

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