Saturday, August 20, 2011

DIY: Anastasia PRO Wax Kit

I wasn't in look for something like this. Not until when I saw this along the counter and I was 'Hm, a home wax kit?' Why not try? ^__^'. So I did for $12 not bad. I never wax myself my entire life. I always needed someone to do it for me when me, my sis, and mum go to our favorite ProfessioNails salon and have it done :). They're very good btw. And they have great services there too.

Anyhow. Kit wise. I kinda like I can have my own little wax kit at home. It was super easy to follow.

1. Pre heat the wax for 60-70 seconds in a microwave
2. Let it cool for 5 seconds. Test the temperature
3. With the use of the applicator, scoop a little wax then line it along below the eyebrow
4. With the use of the muslin strip, pat it firmly on the wax along the hair growth to make sure it adheres enough
5. Starting from the end of the muslin strip, quickly pull it out in 45 degree angle against the hair growth

Was it messy? Yes. The wax is so viscous
Does it cause redness? Yes and it will go away after a while
Does it remove the unwanted hair? Yes it did :). But I honestly say it didn't in most hairs that are pretty short/ hard to remove with tweezers :\
Can I use it above my lip line? Yes. It can also be used there, and above the eyebrow
Anywhere else? Nope

Tip: You can cut the muslin strip into small lengths so it's easy to use

Be cautious if you're the kind of person who have skin problems or any allergies to the ingredients used though this product is Dermatologist, clinically tested :)

Have fun waxing! ^____^

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