Monday, July 4, 2011

Review: Makeup makeup!


 See Sheer and Creme Cup $14.50 from MAC

Ilamasqua in Sangers $20.00 from Sephora

New additions to my lippies collection are from Mac as always. I can't get enough of their pretty colors and  vanilla taste (i dont eat lipsticks just to be clear)

I say I am totally impressed with the staying power of Ilamasqua. I wore this lipstick when me and my brother spent the weekend in Vegas. It DID stayed on my lips the whole night (no smudge) for almost 12hours until we got home. 

Bronzer - HOOLA Benefit

$28.00 from Sephora
This is my favvvvvvorite bronzer (well, i only have ONE! ahahhah!!) :p. I've always been looking for a good bronzer but this one way above the average and Im so inlove with it! *hearts*  

Shadow Pencil - NARS Goddess 

$24.00 from Sephora
I totally love this nars shadow pencil. It brighten up the inner corner of my eye and made me look refreshed and wide awake. AND it does stays in place for long hours. *thumbs up! 

MAC - Blot Pressed Powder in Medium Dark

$23.00 from MAC
This blotting pressed powder does controls my oily area when I needed to touch up. It's translucent so it doesnt made me look like a ghost or something lol . 
This is my go-to pressed powder everyday.

Softlips Lip Moisturizers Limited Edition

Vanilla (SPF20) and Pearl (SPF15) $2.99 from Target
Aside from its cute tube package, this tinted moisturizer really made my lips soft because I tend to have dry lips so Im really in need of this kind. The smell is so fruity too. I gave the other one to my sister. 

There ya have it! Some of the new stuffs I just wanted to share with everyone. Hope ya like em! ^__^

Happy 4th of July everyone! ^___^v

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