Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Haul: Fond of golds, ribbons, or vintage perhaps?

How's every lovelies? ^__^ I hope you're all having a good eve. I just wanna say that I honestly don't know what this post is for ahahah! Just random stuff ;). And Im not a pro in reviews (if the recent ones are? ahhha!). They're just my honest opinions about products and when Im obsessed with it, I blog it!! ^___^. 

I just wanna share these photos I took days/weeks ago. I dont know why, but taking photos is my fave hobby when I'm super bored. I don't have my own dslr so I used my sis' but my digital camera comes in handy too when I'm on the go ;). I edit photos in Photoshop which I used to be so addicted when I was making graphic arts before. I ain't good in editing photos too hahah! 

So here ya have it! ^__^

Forever21 makeup kit $7.00

  Well anyways, recently I've been so much inlove with ribbons and gold hahha! They're soo pretty and classy. I think I haven't worn any gold accessories (I don't wear tons of jewelries though), but when I saw this necklace from Forever21 jewelry section, I was like 'omgg aint this cute?' 

Forever 21 necklace (chair with ribbon) $3.80

I guess I should name this post Forever21 Haul ahhahah! :p. I just happen to buy similar stuffs in the same store.

Well, I don't know bout you girlies but when I get obsessed with one top or anything else, (specially if its clearance sale! ahhah!), I really really try my very best to search for it. For intance a blue cardigan I saw when I was just browsing forever21 shop close to where I work, then found out they dont have small size for me :( (im petite ;)). So on my way home, I checked the site hahah! The next day, I went to another forever21 shop in a different city close to where I live and luckily found this same cardigan (gray) with my size! Yeeeypee! :p. I think I liked gray better. And yes, this kind of cardigan is really big :o. 

So the lesson I learned here : was to never stop searching what you want, and in the end you'll find it much better! ^___^ hehe

Forever 21 gray cardigan $7.99 

my fave shot! woooo

H&M $5.95 bracelet

I was in search for a blush brush and I found these cuties!! <3

Super cute kabuki brushes from Sephora :). I forgot their prices though :(

Ooop I really need to practice more using macro :(. 
Hope ya found this little-full of pics-post a little unhelpful ;) 

Don't forget to join this amazing lippie contest from Kristel (weh?i feel it's my name ahha!). It will end soon!

Oh! And HUGE THANK YOUS to each and everyone of you <3.

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