Friday, July 24, 2009

Redesigning my New blog!

Yesh! Im moving to Wordpress. I had one back before, probably same date when I started blogging in Blogspot. But I havent had time to even post there lol and decided to just post here anyways. :)

Why am I moving to WP? Well, basically I want to earn money at home. I want to showcase my gfx arts and designs since I used to do requests for free. Well yea I'll still be doing some for free ;) I came up with a plan before but neither way had I put them to actions. But now I bought my own domain from and a hosting plan from sis Mica of, who, helped me get a new blog from WP. Thanx sis mica! You are so kind :) -xoxo.

Btw, I got this Adobe Dreamweaver and hoping to learn some new stuffs from there. Im planning to make my own layout and seel free goodies fro everyone! :) But everything pink lol coz i love pink dont argue with me. That's why i got this domain *ehem: The blog isnt complete yet but im still fixing some shitty virus on my comp, same day I had launched my new wp blog, too bad. But ill get over it in meantime.

Dont forget to visit my new blog So toodles for now! ;)


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