Friday, June 10, 2011

After 2 years.....

Im back! :p Well I've been blogging from the hello kitty blog site, not quite satisfied so I keep coming back to blogspot/blogger after a year or so. And hoping I could make more new friends here :D

Let me introduce you to my new 'organized' old blog :p. I tried to look for a template that is simple and yet has some touches of florals and pink. And that is thanx to DeluxeTemplate i found the perfect one :). I hope the pinkness is not that intense to you though. Please leave a comment let me know :).

I've been SO into graphics for the past few years and even managed to earn a little more from it. I like love making arts and helping people :). Been around few graphic forums as I always was. I've been slacking on my Photoshop uninspired and lazy to make one. But lately I've been in the process of finishing a vexel of a friend :p. And yep! I've been doing Vectors/ Vexel portraits now which is my faveeeorite type of art and been mastering it for years? Because Im a pentool addict <3 (I hope that's the term ahaha!). Anyways, you can view some of my newest arts in my Deviantart if you wish and I'll be pleash :D. Below are some of my vexels.
Avril Lavigne. This vexel received some praises and recognitions from graphic sites like Abduzeedo and Shadowness :)

My first time vexeling into a realistic flower, which im pretty happy at.

An entry for a contest and a gift for one of Shadowness staff, caja. :)

Talking bout my personal life, I've been working as an RN in hospitals for a living. Working night shifts but I pretty don't mind, much easier and calm. I just recently resigned in my previous job because I took a bigger offer in Los Angeles which is an hour drive from work. That actually made me think like 'everyday I'll be driving to work like that?!' Not sure how I'll figure that out. =\ And I did my canvas on some cheap apartments near my work but living far from my family make me sick :(. And for the past few months, I've been wanting to take my Masters degree to further up my career, which Im saving up now :).

I really don't want to make this post pretty boring but that sums up what I've been doing the past 2 years ahaha! Oh! and I know I posted some in Tagalog but I'll definitely make sure I'll do it in English from now on , sorry bout that :). Don't be afraid to post comments haha! I don't bite :).

Hope to be your blogger friend ;).
teli <3

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