Friday, November 14, 2008

Nostale Online : Cute RPG!

Now here comes a new-cute RPG everyone will enjoy! A lot of you was surprised about seeing another rpg here in egames. Me either. Now i wouldn't have a second thought though. The first time i saw this game, i was like, its ssoo cool! The characters are so cute. You can choose from being an Adventurer to a Specialist.

The Specialist is an elite class that you can become using the Specialist Card. You will still have the abilities of your character, but the Specialist class will give you additional skills and abilities to become more powerful. The Specialists are truly respected fighters.

What is Nostale?

Nostale, or “The Tale of Nomads with Silver Spirits,” is a beginner-friendly MMORPG developed by Korean company Entwell. It features adorable creatures residing in an easily accessible fantasy world. Each player starts as an adventurer who sets out on a quest. As the player reaches certain levels in his or her quests, he or she can choose from a selection of higher level occupations. Another feature of the game is a system allowing players to transform their characters into “specialists” using accumulated points.
-from mmotaku

Actually, its kinda funny though how some spelled Nostale as NosTAIL(from Game&Game) or NosTALE or Nose Tail, it doesnt matter. And some would say its like a Pokemon-like RPG. Yeah could be. Taming monsters, pet them etc. But you'll get more fun than that.


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