Monday, November 10, 2008

A lesson to remember from now on.

Its so ironic to think about the reality around you seems to be like the movie or the story you see. I was alone at home (as usual). I was washing the dishes and the knives when i accidentally made a cut in my finger. I screamed and panic. i never had a cut before. it made me feel so-like a child. i can still feel how the sharp knife had deeply got into my flesh as i quickly trash it out into the sink. I cried. I was fragile. I remember when i had a wound and mom will always told me that its ok as she weeps out my tears then i will stop crying. Now,no one was there to see my grieving. I was so alone. The blood just came running out. As i turned to find anything to stop the bleeding, one thought had came up in my mind. Is there some one hurt? Or some one died? just as the moment i had my cut? i quickly glanced at the time,thinking what time it may be in the Philippines and what things could they be doing right now. i hope they are all fine. why did i said this? frankly, i dont know. it might have been dejavu or something. yesterday,my lolo died. i think its no coincidence?no - its destiny. Before that moment happened,it was written that i'll be hurt that day. this wound will mark the beginning of myself being hurt , alone with no one there to help me. It made me strong, thinking im not a child anymore. i had to live and grow up by myself.

And this wound will remind me to be careful next time.^__^

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