Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Getting used to it

Maybe im gettin used to it. (the way i live here). What im always worried about is when im always left alone in the house when they are out working. It really makes me scared. All i hear is the tick of the clock. And sometimes i only provide myself with my favorite leisure - surfing the net. I dont know how long i have to take this, but uhm i think this makes me happy though. I need to grow up, face the world without the aid of may parents doing my works. Here, i learned how to d the laundry, clean the house, water the plants everyday and feed krung krung (my fish) - these are the things i really dont do in the philippines. the only thing im not capable of is cooking a meal. Though i know how to cook breakfast for me only ehhehhe! Because i know my taste ahhah! kiddin' ^_^..

Im happy here, i may say. I 'should' be happy that i have all what i needed and wanted. But that still cant complete my day..

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