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DIY Nautical Baby Shower Invitation and Decoration

Arts and craft are few of my favorite hobbies. One of those common themes is Nautical. When I volunteered to make my friend their baby shower invitations, I was excited and eager to make a design I inspired to re-create from Pretty This post is for personal use only

All DIY informations are copyright from Pretty Peas.

Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

Please click THIS to see the step-by-step.

Here are the materials I used. All are from Michaels Craft Store.

 3/8" x 10 yd Celebrate It red ribbon (w/white dots) 
5.5" Popsicle sticks 
 12 x 12" Recollection Red cardstock (#99240) - 1 pc.
12 x 12" Bazzill Brown cardstock (Mudpie) - 5 pcs.
8.5 x 11" Recollections white smooth cardstock - 1 pack comes in 5 papers
0.5 x 150" Elmers foam tape 
ArtMinds Glue gun 
Surebonder Glue sticks 
Pair of regular scissor
Scallop-shaped scissor
Photoshop (any version)
A color printer (or just go to Staples to print out)

Start off by making the actual invitation. With their free pre-made template, all I have to do is add my details. The template also comes with those cute red anchors that you can cut out too. One page will make 4 invitations. I then printed it out in a white cardstock. I made Staples do it because my printer gets paper jammed lol.

Took me couple of hours to finish all 24 pcs. of invitations (with the help of Matt). :^_^

Viola! ^____^


DIY "Welcome Aboard" Door Decoration

And lastly, for the "Welcome Aboard" tube, I got the idea from There wasn't a DIY so I tried to re-create it. It didn't took me while to finish this. :)

Here are the materials I used for this. All are from Michaels Craft Store:

White round foam (any size you prefer. I got the smallest one)
1.5" x 12 ft Offray white ribbon (you can get either at Walmart/ Michaels)
1.5" x 4 yd Celebrate It red/ white striped ribbon
 1.5" x 4 yd Celebrate it red w/ white dots
Pair of scissor
ArtMinds Glue gun
Surebonder Glue sticks
5.5" Popsicle sticks
8.5 x 11" Recollections white smooth cardstock - you'll only need 1 pc.of paper
Photoshop (any version)
A color printer (or just go to Staples to print out)

First, I made a transparent template from Photoshop CS6 (8.5in x 11in). Made a banner using pentool (shape), color #4267ae, and clipping mask on the border. I used Giddyup std for font style. Saved the image as .JPG in 10 max quality. Then printed it out at Staples with a white hard cardstock. Put the print out aside, we will use it at the end of the tutorial.

Download the "Welcome Aboard!" sign HERE

Start by wrapping the white ribbon around the foam. Fasten it tight and secure the end with glue gun. 

Measure the width of the foam, cutting 4 pieces of red ribbon (w/ white dot). I used a ruler to make sure they are aligned across each other. And secure them with glue gun.

 Then for the striped red/ white ribbon (to hang on your door), cut a piece that is long enough to make a bow, then secure the ends of the bow with glue gun at the back of the foam that you made.

With the printed out "Welcome Aboard" sign, cut out the edges.

Then for proper safety, use 2 left over sticks (from the invitation) and securing them at the back of the sign with glue gun. Lastly, glue the finished sign infront of your foam, aligning it however you want it. ^__^

And you're done!! ^__^

I hope you find this helpful. 
Source: Pretty Peas for the DIY Nautical Baby Shower Invitation Post

Have fun!

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