Sunday, June 2, 2013

Say Yes!

How many new opportunities have you missed your entire life for always saying NO to things you're not even sure if it's worth a try? 

How many new people have you passed by not knowing how they might change your life?

Have you ever thought that by saying **YES TO EVERYTHING will give you more windows of opportunities and excitement, and maybe new adventures in your life?

Try doing things you haven't done yet. Go out more. Meet new people. Maybe go on a big hike with friends, or travel the world, or go on a sky diving, and the list goes on. So many random things you could do in your life. So many things you missed growing up. 

Don't wait another more decade of your life thinking you should've done those things in your past. 
Get out of your nutshell!

Ofcourse not all 'yes' things are positive, but it always happen for a reason. And it might turn out to be more of what you expect it to be, right? =)

Live life to the fullest. You only live once. 

Make the most of it by saying YES to every NEW things in life...

** Jim Carey's movie "Yes Man" 2008.

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