Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WINNER of Smashbox Giveaway!! And Birthday Pictures

Hello everyone! =D

Can't believe I just turned 25 hahah! I was so excited for my birthday and it did turned out pretty much fun than I expected. And so am I so excited to announce the winner for my Birthday Giveaway! =) I find it hard to choose one if only everyone who entered could win too!

So here it is. The winner is.... (drum rolls).....



I will contact you via email and send you the item asap.
Thank you all for joining my giveaway. It was so fun!

And here are the random birthday pictures from my Birthday via Instagram.

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I had an early birthday celebration with my family and friends last 12th. We ate in my favorite Japanese restaurant called Sushi Zen. I made a blog post about this amazing restaurant. If it has a branch close to your place, it is worth checking, I promise. I felt like I had the whole restaurant for my party because everyone else (including Spiderman yep, he came to my party ahhah!) were all clapping and singing Happy birthday to me! Ofcourse I danced  (I'm not gonna go on any details how I danced ahha! *embarrassed). There were flickering dancing lights and I was dressed up with the green funky shades and a pink funny birthday hat. I got free mochis too! Ah! It was worth it. =)

Then we went cosmic bowling until midnight! =). Me and 2 of of my friends won in the raffle draws. We got lucky! It was a heck of a night to remember.

My nephews: Makaiel (left), and Matthew (right), with my brother in law Marvin. This was taken Sunday after mass. I worked the night before so I haven't had slept in the day but I tried to and been awake for like 26 hours just to spend Sunday with them =). We also ate in Goldilocks for lunch after that. It was a nice treat!

Then my special day came. It was the 15th and I had a date =). We stayed in a nice historical villa where we spent 2 days at Palm Springs. This photo was taken somewhere in downtown while we were walking. All the stores, restaurants, mall, spas, and gift shops are very convenient.

And since I still have my $10 gift certificate from Cheesecake Factory, I was so happy to use it for my birthday! =) I had my favorite strawberry cheesecake for free! Yey! This photo was taken from Rancho Mirage.

I had the best delicious breakfast ever! =D

We went to a couple of nice places too. I had my Epicuren facial treatment (which I haven't had for years now). People kept on saying how my face glows after that! Hahha. I think the lovely lady put like 20 layers of treatment on my skin! They treat me very well. And I never felt so much relaxed and rejuvenated. Guess yelp was right. Salon 199 is one of the best spa salon in town!

After that, I surprised my date on the famous Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. It is the world's largest rotating tramway which will take you on a 2 mile aerial trip on top of the mountain. Then we went to play (actually just him ahha!) on Morongo Casino and went strolling on the Cabazon outlet.

I had a blast on my birthday (s)? ahhahh! And I am glad I could share them with you. =)

Happy Halloween! =) Yes. He is a baby pumpkin.

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