Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Costume Party!

Who wants to trick or treat?!!! Nah. Forget it lol. But the fun thing about Halloween is you can dress up a sexy- flirty- cute- nerdy- wild costume on a friend party!!

Be anyone you want to be! This was my first costume party ever, and it was fun. =)

With my Queen friend haha! I did her make up (fierce cat -eye) and I like it!

Or you can dress up as a bee! (with my friend Ruby. I like her costume because it matches her name : Ru-bee xoxo)

Or maybe a military woman, or a queen, or a ninja!

Or a devil, or a prom queen, or a hula dancer, or a zombie, or a jack skellington, or a policewoman, or a knight, or a pirate, or a tiger, or a red riding hood, or a cat etc........

And to top it all, here are the other sexy costumes from the party. =)


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