Thursday, August 2, 2012

Love Couture Haul

I love love this bag! (because it's leather ahaha!) Saw this cute bag from Love Couture (first time shopping there actually, and I fell in love!). I eventually went back to buy the bag because I couldn't see anything like it from online. The store reminded me of Forever21- vintage high-end street fashions, chandeliers, glasses, gorgeous and wide- opened door that feels so welcoming. 

The clothings are so pretty! And prices are reasonable as well. There are tons of items I wanted to buy but thought I needed to be restrained .. (at least).

Brown leather bag with navy blue stipes (they have navy blue and black leather too!) - $38.00
Sunglass - $6.90
Shoes - sale for $12.50

They also has a website you can go check out ;)


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