Sunday, July 29, 2012

Review: No7 Purifying Sauna Mask and Reviving Eyegel

This is my first time reviewing No7 items that, well, I wasn't sure if I could give a proper review on this. But anyhow we'll see why at the bottom of this post..

I always see this skincare/ cosmetic brand from Target but I have been putting off buying it. Out of the blue, I instantly decided I'm gonna try out a couple (well just two actually lol) and see how it goes. I was so excited to see the 'sauna mask' as I had heard good things about this type of mask couple of months ago. I wasn't sure what it does or 'how' it actually works on the skin as it is a new thing to me so I thought might as well try it out myself.

No7 Purifying Sauna Mask
Retails $14.99

To tell you the truth (and I don't want to make this rant long enough), I DISLIKED IT immediately right after my first use. Not to throw off the brand name but as an honest opinion of a customer, this product did made my skin worst the next day after I used it.

You apply this white cream (it actually is a cream texture) on wet/ damp face, and soon as you apply it, you will instantly feel the heat. I felt so scared as I never put heat on my face. I thought "omg, what if I burn my face? what if it is too harmful to my skin?" and thoughts keep running on my head as I apply it very carefully. Then wait for couple of minutes before rinsing it off with cool water to close the pores. It was so damn annoying removing it to be honest but I still had my patient after all.

It felt squeaky tight and clean, and soft right after. I thought I was satisfied about the product. Then I continued with my normal skin care routine after that. Waking up the next morning, I felt so horrible after looking at the mirror! There are this tiny papule-like pimples on my foreheard, above my eyebrows, side of my nose, and chin! OMG! What did I do to my skin?! Right at that moment I already knew the culprit as I never had like this again before other than what I had with my Liz Earle. Every time my skin would react to something it doesn't like, it will show nasty stuffs like this. I happily returned the product and took me a while before I finally manage to restore my skin again. I'll never gonna go back to trying out masks that I wasn't sure what'll do to my skin!

No7 Reviving Eye Gel
Retails $12.59

This eye gel didn't failed me. I liked it. It has a cooling effect that I desperately need for my tired- puffy eyes. The consistency is so thin that made application so easy. I dubbed it around my eye area with my ring finger (everyone knows why it is necessary to use ring finger only because it is LESS WEAKER hence no hard pressure is applied on your sensitive -fragile eye skin). I can notice LESS puffiness and under eye dark circles after like 2 weeks of using it. This made No7 redeem itself.

Have you used No7 products? What did you thought of it? 

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