Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Makeup Table

Hello everyone! =)

So I finally decided to make a post of my dressing table, or vanity table, or desk, whatever names you want to call it to share it with you and to inspire most of you if you're interested =). I, by any means, has no intention to brag. To some of you this might be too little, some this might be too much. You may be familiar with most of the items below from the other posts I made. So enjoy!

And let me know if the pics are too much edited because I try to make it as subtle-vintagy look as possible =)

Decorative flower lights (solar) - IKEA
Dressing table - IKEA
Stool - IKEA
Mirror - target
Jewelry box - Home Goods
Vintage box - Ross
Brush holder - Forever21


 photo blogby.jpg