Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Movie Review Experience: The Cabin In the Woods

Now, to tell you the truth I ain't a movie critic myself (just feels like doing this hahah!) Me and melissa got 2 free movie premiere tickets my brother kindly gave to me. And it's a damn paper. We should've brought our whole family and friends with us because they didn't even scanned it on our entrance!

Anyways, I haven't been on a premier show before so I was excited to see what they have. We came in 35 minutes early and had to rush our dinner at Panera Bread before we lined in. The theater was crowded and busy. I was apprehensive we might not get a seat. Luckily, I spotted 2 perfect seats on a perfect spot (and because I kind of worked my charm through it hahha! kidding). 

The theater was not that huge. People kept walking from sidewalk to sidewalk. The few rows on the back of our seats were the movie critics armed with papers and pens (I wonder what they'll gonna say bout the movie). And on up front were the people from Z90.3 (it's a radio station) who kind of sponsored the premiere show. They even gave us (just lis actually) a free pen after she Liked their facebook page. That's how they get people of course. I got my sticker and key chain from the young dude seating close to me (which in turn got a free Drake shirt after they threw a couple of them in the air).

The whole movie was all I can say, thrilling! At some points I glance back to see lis covering her face with her jacket! Hahah. Ever had that feeling like you kept shouting at the actor to "Run moron! A zombie is behind ya!" Well, that happened to me every time I watch horror movies. I like the feeling of being scared and excited. 

I just hated the first part where they all betting money on which monsters will be awakened as if like a reality game show, which in fact it was. They're all being played at while the viewers enjoyed watching them all killed. Ugh poor people only wanted to have fun on a weekend. Quite obvious that the whore die first and the virgin always live last ei?

I thought the movie would be like boring and stuff because we all know at the end they all gonna die yadah-yadah. They ALL did, actually LOL (shhh I didn't told you that =p). And the scariest part is the last part where all the most horrifying nightmare monsters released from captive and killed every single one of those villains. Die bastards! Hahha! Funny how a white unicorn was included. 

There ya go. A tid bits of my movie experience. I can't vouch if the movie is a 5-stars but you should go watch it yourself. See how it goes and let me know =)

The movie is released on the 13th of April. can see how I liked the movie =).
Oh and I honestly don't know where the camera lens is haha!


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